What has your agency done to increase school readiness?

As an outreach and education team, we disseminate and talk about the latest science in child development with those who can put it into practice. We do a lot of work with what we call out “Three P Audiences”: Policy Makers, Parents and Providers. Providers are a broad scale. Were not only talking about teachers, but also the home visitors, the medical community and anyone who works with children and families. The outreach and education division is staffed by people who are trained scientists. We aim to get the latest science in a way that is both digestible to the broader public and faithful to the original findings.

We disseminate it in a number of ways, both in in-person conferences and also through resources provided on our website. On our website we have free modules that talk about the latest science of child development. They’re all written at an eighth grade reading level, so they’re all very accessible to the broader public. They come with a variety of accompanied resources and a portion of them are also translated into various languages. That’s just one of the ways that we’re really getting the science of child development out to the broader community.

What do you like most about the First 5 Summit?

The First 5 Summit has been fantastic to attend, especially as someone coming from outside the state of California. It’s great to hear everything that’s going on and all the innovations that are happening here. It’s a model that we can learn from and take back to our home state.

University of Washington