Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Programs
– How Learning Genie Can Help

  • The California Department of Education has recently released a series of funding information towards the historic UPK initiatives.
  • We have compiled the key information about each of the funding opportunities and a brief summary of some ideas of how Learning Genie can support you with these funding requirements. 
  • We hope you will find these information are resourceful and helpful for you to plan and implement the UPK program.
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DRDP Official Licenced Vendor

  • Learning Genie has been supporting California, Illinois, Missouri State Preschools and Head Start Programs with DRDP assessment since 2013.
  • Learning Genie is also one of the first batch of vendors officially licensed by California Depart of Education to provide full services on all instruments of DRDP-2015 through direct API connection to official DRDPonline sites for raw school uploading and DRDP reporting in Learning Genie platform.
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All-in-One Data Driven Family Engagement Suite

  • Auto-generated Real Time Data for Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Learning Genie offers an All-in-One Data Driven Family Engagement Suite featuring two-way communication with auto-translation, family engagement tool, digital In-kind tool, and versatile survey tool.
  • The dashboard provides auto-generated real-time data for Head Start admins for Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • We are proudly serving over 200 HS agencies nationwide with proven results.
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