Hi I am Sarah Spears. I am a preschool teacher at the SDSU children’s center. I’ve been using Learning Genie for, (actually) just started using it, but I can really see how it has helped me and my staff gather observations of the children. It’s made that part a lot easier, taking the load off of the teacher’s work plates, so we’re excited to keep using it and see how much further we can go!

About Ms. Sarah

I began working at the SDSU Children’s Center while I was still a student getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development. I’ve worked as a Master Teacher for the last 9 years working with Infants through Preschool age children in our Continuity of Care Loop. I completed a year towards my Master’s Degree through the EC-SEBRIS program at SDSU. I am excited to become a Certified Trainer for Learning Genie and “Empower Better Early Learning”!
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