Data-Driven Family Engagement Tools for Head Start and State Preschools

Learning Genie is an app for ECE educators and family service workers for Distant Learning and Family Engagement including tracking in-kind. During the COVID-19 crisis, Learning Genie offers free tools till the end of 2020 under a grant (or in-kind) to support all ECE agencies for Distance Learning and track school readiness outcomes.


Learning Genie also provides a useful application for portfolio-building. The portfolio tracking and tagging systems could be readily applied to DRDP 2015, Florida VPK, Head Start (HS), Early Head Start (EHS), Montessori, and other state or private-backed assessment tools.

Earn eligibility to provide training and consultancy on the Learning Genie toolbox for California QRIS and DRDP 2015

We are looking for passionate and innovative individuals to join our community of trainers to provide professional development and support to schools using the Learning Genie tool for various aspects of QRIS.

What’s in it for me?

As a Learning Genie Certified Trainer, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive, hands-on training course and continuous refresher courses based on Learning Genie tools. These courses cover how to use Learning Genie for QRIS best practices such as DRDP Assessments, Health Promotion Practices, Family Engagement and Effective Data Practice.
  • Certification to represent Learning Genie as a consultant and to provide independent onsite trainings to Early Childhood agencies and Childcare Development Centers.
  • Visibility on Learning Genie’s official website in the Learning Genie Certified Trainer’s Directory
  • Referrals to on-site consulting services requested of Learning Genie
  • Shared training resources from the community of fellow Learning Genie Education Trainers
  • Exclusive rewards from Learning Genie for delivering outstanding training
  • If there are two or more Learning Genie Certified Trainers at your center, your center will be recognized as an official Learning Genie Demonstration Site

Who’s a good fit for the program?

Learning Genie Education Trainers are demonstrated advocates of Learning Genie web & app technologies who have:

  • A background as a mentor teacher with rich experience in conducting training
  • A strong history of hands-on experience using Learning Genie tools in classrooms
  • Engaging public speaking skills
  • An ability to distill content into creative, informative learning materials