Hi my name is Mark Marano. I’m a preschool teacher at the Long Beach City College Child Development Center.

We’ve been using Learning Genie for a few months. What I love about the program is it’s given an opportunity to document and observe in the moment very quickly. Before I was using the program, I will always have to take a lot of these home to document and try to find time to do it. Now I can do it while I’m with the kids, but it doesn’t occupy all of my time. It’s very quick to tag many kids at the same time and to assess them. Then I can put that aside and engage with the kids fully, so it doesn’t distract at all.

I also really appreciate that you can upload photos and videos and it gets sent to the parents every day. Feedback from the parents has been great. They really love getting all that information everyday in a feed like format. So they are constantly informed about what’s going on.

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