testimonials_CherylMy name is Cheryl and I have been a teacher since 1996. I have taught kindergarten and now I teach Jr. Kindergarten to children who are ages 4 and 5. Working with children is lifetime dream that I had as a child. I wanted children to grow and learn in a fun environment that they could go home and tell their families about. Communicating with the families can be a challenge if you don’t see them at the beginning or end of the day. The Learning Genie has helped to complete this task.

When the Learning Genie was introduced to me, I was very excited about sharing with the parents what I was teaching to the children on a more personable level. One of the most valuable features that I used was taking photos of the children doing activities and being able to send the pictures electronically to the parents on a daily basis. The parents were very excited each day to receive their email and see what their child had learned. The parents would use information we provided on a daily basis and talk about what they learned at school. This was a great conversation starter. Most children would come home from school and ask their child what they learned at school today and most would say “nothing I just played”. With the daily information I found that the children showed what they learned at school sometimes teaching their parents some things.

The parts that I used during the day that helped me out when parents asked any questions would be what they ate, when they ate and how much they ate. We documented all this information a per child entry making the end of the day much easier for the teachers. The parents had all information that they were looking for available to them if we had left for the day. We could also let the parents know how the child’s emotions were during the day and whether they happy, tired, sad, or excited for the day. As a teacher I can make portfolios for each individual child with observations and photos of their work to save for parent teacher conferences and end of the year progress reports.

After using the Learning Genie now for a year I have a better communication with the parents and truly believe that the parents love hearing more about the day of their child. The best part is that all entries are electronic and stored digitally which means no loosing the daily papers of what they learned. The parents are always looking forward to receiving their email at the end of the day!

Thank you Learning Genie for helping teachers make their jobs more organized!!