testimonials_CherylMy name is Tobi Steiner and I have been the Director at Kids’ Care Club Child Development Center, a NAEYC Accredited Center, for 17 years. My passion has always been to create a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for children to develop in. I believe it is important for early childhood educators to stay current with updated teaching techniques, technology within the classroom, and academic based curriculums. I am always looking for ways to improve and enrich the quality of our program for the children, families, and teachers.

One of our school’s biggest successes has been the way in which we communicate with parents. Prior to using the Learning Genie program we provided descriptive dailies to share and highlight information with parents about their child each day. In 2013 we decided to be a pilot school for Learning Genie. I knew from the beginning that the company had great ideas to improve upon the procedures we already had in place. Not only did Learning Genie bring our dailies to life for families in real time, but also made it more efficient for teachers to track each child’s development through portfolios and observations. The program aids in bridging the gap between school and families by its ability to share pictures, media, and links for special moments that occur at school each day.