Third Party Service Providers

It’s important to us that we keep your information safe and secure. To best provide our services, and keep your information safe, we work with a few other companies (we can’t build everything, after all!). These companies will only have access to the information they need to provide the Learning Genie service.

Here is a list of the essential service providers we work with, and their respective privacy policies to provide a great Learning Genie experience.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting Learning Genie’s servers and data analytics
Mandrill for sending email to teachers and parents
Google Analytics for analytics on our websites
Youtube for providing millions of nursery songs and pre-selected parent tips
Google books for providing children’s book
Zendesk for organizing and handling support requests
Stripe for managing payment
Fabric for logging errors that occur on our apps

This list may change over time, and we’ll work hard to keep it up-to-date.