Data-Driven Family Engagement Tools for Head Start and State Preschools

Learning Genie is an app for ECE educators and family service workers for Distant Learning and Family Engagement including tracking in-kind. During the COVID-19 crisis, Learning Genie offers free tools till the end of 2020 under a grant (or in-kind) to support all ECE agencies for Distance Learning and track school readiness outcomes.


Learning Genie also provides a useful application for portfolio-building. The portfolio tracking and tagging systems could be readily applied to DRDP 2015, Florida VPK, Head Start (HS), Early Head Start (EHS), Montessori, and other state or private-backed assessment tools.
Cultural Connections, Linguistic Leaps
Elevate Learning with Learning Genie’s Dynamic Dual Language Learner (DLL) Tool Unleashing the Power of Multilingual Proficiency
Our Dual Language Learner (DLL) Tool is a groundbreaking solution designed to empower both bilingual and monolingual children, ensuring that every child in the classroom receives comprehensive vocabulary and language development. More than just a tool, it’s a transformative approach that maximizes parental involvement in supporting children’s home-language and English acquisition. More than just a tool, it’s a transformative approach that maximizes parental involvement in supporting children’s home-language and English acquisition.
Learning Genie’s DLL Tool empowering bilingual and monolingual children with multilingual proficiency."
As a Head Start agency, ensuring a truly inclusive learning environment is crucial. The built-in vocabulary library not only enhances our lesson plans but also fosters cultural responsiveness. This tool has become a bridge for both teachers and parents, enabling us to assign home-language practice effectively. The data-driven insights have allowed us to track progress and showcase the impactful strides we’re making in dual language learning. Learning Genie’s Dual Language Learner (DLL) Tool is our partner in breaking down language barriers and creating a richer educational experience for all.
Education Manager in Missouri
Maximizing Bilingual Proficiency:
Unveiling the Benefits of Learning Genie’s DLL Tool
Maximizing Bilingual Proficiency: Unveiling the Benefits…
Visual Vocabulary Mastery

   1. Visual Vocabulary Mastery

  • Intuitive understanding of vocabulary through pictures for enhanced learning.
  • Easy acquisition of vocabulary, fostering language development in children.
Family Engagement

   2. Family Engagement

  • Share pre-uploaded vocabulary directly with families to support dual language proficiency.
  • Empower families to actively contribute to their child’s language development journey.
Illustration showing collaborative learning activities.

   3. Collaborative Learning Community

  • View DLL activities created by other staff members in your agency.
  • Collaborate and share activities seamlessly with families for extended learning.
Illustration of sharing vocabulary

   4. Effortless Vocabulary Sharing

  • Access the DLL Library through classroom or sidebar options.
  • Share individual vocabulary or phrases effortlessly by clicking the “Share” icon.
Rich Vocabulary Database

   5. Rich Vocabulary Database

  • Explore 300+ preset vocabulary and phrases across 20+ subjects.
  • Enrich children’s understanding with related pictures for each vocabulary item.
Customizable Translations

   6. Customizable Translations

  • Modify translations as needed for accurate and personalized learning experiences.
Illustration of batch sharing feature

   7. Batch Sharing Convenience

  • Share multiple DLL vocabulary or phrases with families in a single click.
  • Streamline communication with families through a simple and efficient sharing process.
Community Learning Hub

   8. Community Learning Hub

  • Access and view DLL at-home vocabulary activities from other staff members.
  • Foster a sense of community and collaborative learning within your agency.
Benefits for Teachers
Streamline language training with integrated tools, saving time and effort for teachers.
Enhance cultural responsiveness by integrating diverse vocabularies into lesson plans.
Foster collaboration with parents in supporting home-language practices, creating a unified approach to language acquisition.
Benefits for Teachers
Benefits for Parents
Benefits for Parents
Engage actively in your child’s language development through assigned home-language practice.
Establish effective communication with teachers, contributing to a shared understanding of language-learning goals.
Feel empowered to support your child’s home-language and English acquisition, creating a positive impact on their overall language proficiency.
Administrative Insights
Administrators and superintendents can utilize collected data to make informed decisions regarding language education strategies.
Track the progression of DLL development through evidence-based insights, ensuring continuous improvement.
Together, let’s create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that nurtures language proficiency and cultural understanding in every child!