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New Update Coming for Learning Genie’s Users! 


We are excited to announce that Learning Genie has updated the rating period group setup process.

Here’s what’s new in Learning Genie – DRDP Rating Period 

Initial Setup of Rating Period Group or Set up a New School Year

Initial Setup of Rating Period Group: Click the “Let’s get started” button on the “Admin Settings” > “Rating Period” page, you can start to set up the rating period group and select the type of the rating period.

Set Up a New School Year: Click the “Set up a new school year” module on the “Admin Settings” > “Rating Period” main page, you can also select the most appropriate modes of your rating period.

Below are the three typical rating period modes for State Preschools, Head Start programs, Lab Schools or Private Centers. Please select the set up that best fits:

  • DRDP State/Head Start Children Preferred
  • All Children Follow Fixed Class Rating Periods
  • Manually Managed Mode

Moreover, if you have setup the rating period before and want to add a new rating period group, you can also select the following modes of the rating period.

Edit Centers/Classes for a Rating Period Group

Locate the rating period group that you want to modify, then click the “Edit” pencil for the “Centers and Classes” module, you will be able to select classes for the current rating period group. Moreover, click the “Edit” pencil for the current classes module, you can move a class to other rating period group.

Batch Setup Centers/Classes for a Rating Period Group

Whenever there are some classrooms with no rating period settings, you will be notified with a pop-up. Click the “Let’s set them up” button, you can batch setup centers/classes for this group.

Moreover, when you add new rating period groups, you can also batch setup centers/classes for this group, which simplifies the whole setup process.

Admin Feature: Available to Modify a Child’s Completion Date

Click the “Edit” pencil next to the completion date module on a child’s “Basic Information” page, you will be able to modify the child’s completion date. Note: The date should be within the current rating period.

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