Data-Driven Family Engagement Tools for Head Start and State Preschools

Learning Genie is an app for ECE educators and family service workers for Distant Learning and Family Engagement including tracking in-kind. During the COVID-19 crisis, Learning Genie offers free tools till the end of 2020 under a grant (or in-kind) to support all ECE agencies for Distance Learning and track school readiness outcomes.


Learning Genie also provides a useful application for portfolio-building. The portfolio tracking and tagging systems could be readily applied to DRDP 2015, Florida VPK, Head Start (HS), Early Head Start (EHS), Montessori, and other state or private-backed assessment tools.

Success Story

Chicanos por La Causa

“Our program is very excited in using Learning Genie because we are able to eliminate paper trail documentation and easily download reports

“A community development corporation committed to building strong healthy communities as a lead advocate, coalition builder and direct service provider.”

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  • “We are down to our last phase which started in March. The transition was hard at the beginning because we were doing so many things virtually and we had already started some communication with parents using other applications. However, we were able to train staff first and then train parents

  • Again, these training sessions for staff and parents also happen in phases.  We received a grant and we were able to purchase iPads to lend out to parents so that also helped the process. The iPads had Learning Genie already installed.”  In regards to reports, I was able to reach our Region 12 T/TA so she was able to see the system.

  • Usually our Education Team selects the activities and then we enter them into the system this way we are making sure they are developmentally age appropriate and based on curriculum/program goal outcomes. 
  • All downloaded reports have staff and parent signatures, dates of the activities submitted, the activity, time and value. We download the reports to then enter on Childplus, a huge help.”
  • “Learning Genie is still making upgrades but I have seen their upgrades to benefit the purpose of electronic in-kind. They recently did an upgrade for teachers to select the activities either on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • In regards to finance, I usually send a monthly report to our financial analyst by site by year to date. We do year to date because some activities may be approved after we download the report so we just want to make sure every dollar is counted up to date.”

“Learning Genie made the monitoring process easier as we don’t have to look for on-site documentation but rather download reports instantly”

Lizeth Angulo
Family and Community Engagement Services Coordinator 

Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. | Early Childhood Development