Learning Genie has teamed up with Early Childhood Educators to bring you installments of Read & Play, providing three fun learning activities in each episode.

In Episode 1, we explore fun preschool activities that supplement the classic children’s book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Download this printable version of the episode to explore the Alphabet Sensory Bin, Coconut Tree Study and a Tasty Alphabet Snack! Each activity covers different early learning standards or foundations that can be observed in preschool. Those observations can be quickly recorded via the Learning Genie Childcare App, including customized domain tags that pertain to your state’s early learning requirements.

Once you’ve tried these activities in your classroom, you can share them via the Learning Genie Childcare App, which also provides an easy way to automatically share photos, songs and books with parents, encouraging learning reinforcement at home!

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