Dear Head Start partners

During this challenging time, we are committed to do our very best to support the Head Start community to share and deliver the best learning resources to families and children timely and effectively.  

As we are inspired by the great work you are doing for the children and families everyday, we hope this technology and data solution can bring you a peace of mind for safe re-opening and distance/blended learning. 

We are in this together!   ❤️  Head Start 

Gene & Lala
Founders of Learning Genie

Safe Reopening and Compliance supported by Data

As we collectively brave a pandemic together, how can we ensure a safe reopening protocol with data driven decisions? Learning Genie is here to help! Our goal is the same as yours: to keep your children and staff safe, and support a data informed process.

  • Digital Daily Health Screening Form can be submitted by parents via the app with real time data collection for reporting and compliance, saving time and paper.

  • Contactless check in/out to minimize exposure, protect staff and save cost.

  • Real Time Data Tracking & Dashboard to help agency staff take fast actions based on real time data insights to mitigate potential risks among staff and children.

Distance and Blended Learning

Maintain consistent and high quality distance/blended learning can be challenging for educators and families. Our technology platform is here to help you manage the teaching and learning experience more seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Virtual Learning Events and Reminders helps educators and families to stay on top of virtual classroom events schedule, and have easy access to virtual learning meetings from the app.

  • Digital Learning Media and eBook Libraries provides rich resources to share with families based on children’s learning needs, and track the engagement.

  • In-Kind Activity Tracking Tool enables families to access at-home learning activities assigned by teachers and log In-Kind time instantly with a few taps. Save paper cost and staff time.

  • Digital Portfolio Tool for Distance Learning empowers families to contribute to child’s learning portfolios by sharing at home learning observations and evidences with teachers via the app.

Family Engagement

During the challenging time when face to face interaction is limited, maintaining constant communications with families without language barriers become crucial. We made it possible.

  • Two-way Messaging removes language barriers and enables instant communication with families at anytime.

  • Auto-Translation with over 100+ languages removes languages and ensures equity in education.

  • Text to Speech in the parents’ native language makes even easier for families with reading limitations.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

We understand the importance of data for Head Start for monitoring, reporting and compliance. Learning Genie is designed with the data culture in mind to collect and present data in ways that are aligned with the Head Start standards and frameworks. Agency administrators can use the Data Dashboard and Reporting tools to identify needs and make data informed decisions.

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“Learning Genie program saved us through the COVID-19 closure by enabling staff to communicate with families regularly and supporting distance learning activities. We are grateful.”
Volunteers of America
“We felt fortunate to have started Learning Genie before COVID. Our families are familiar with the program, and benefited greatly during the closure. The most helpful features are Data Dashboard, Events and auto-translation. ”
Greater Phoenix Urban League

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Learning Genie is dedicated to support the Head Start community through this challenging time. Our all-in-one technology and data solution for safe reopening, distance/blended learning, family engagement and In-Kind tracking is here to help you to ensure safety and high quality education. 

Schedule a meeting today to find out how to unlock FREE access to the Daily Health Card Monitoring and Management module for safe reopening. Don’t forget to mention your special code NHSA. Talk to you soon.