Data-Driven Family Engagement Tools for Head Start and State Preschools

Learning Genie is an app for ECE educators and family service workers for Distant Learning and Family Engagement including tracking in-kind. During the COVID-19 crisis, Learning Genie offers free tools till the end of 2020 under a grant (or in-kind) to support all ECE agencies for Distance Learning and track school readiness outcomes.


Learning Genie also provides a useful application for portfolio-building. The portfolio tracking and tagging systems could be readily applied to DRDP 2015, Florida VPK, Head Start (HS), Early Head Start (EHS), Montessori, and other state or private-backed assessment tools.

 All-in-One Data-Driven Family Engagement Strategy for the Head Start Community

Learning Genie is dedicated to changing the lives of Head Start families. Learning Genie’s Family Engagement app has been proven to increase your communication and improve your children’s attendance rates. Nothing is as strong as the awesome contribution of the engaged family member, so let’s get to work!


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Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Communicating with Head Start Families Has Never Been Easier

Head Start Families prefer text messaging. Learning Genie enables Head Start teachers or staff to communicate with individual families or a group of families in a Two-way messaging format.

Removing Language Barriers

Head Start agencies are doing their best to hire translators for families who hardly speak English, however, they can be too expensive or not readily available. Learning Genie’s Auto Translated Chat solves this problem. You can now send and receive messages in 104 different languages.

Improving Your Event Participation Rates

Head Start Agencies are spending precious time and resources organizing family events, but the message isn’t always getting home. Learning Genie can send digital flyers to attract families and can also add a reminder, which automatically syncs to their phone’s calendar. When used together, participation rates improve.

Driving School Readiness

Language literacy is the number one indicator when it comes to school readiness. Learning Genie provides the books read in classrooms virtually to families. We were featured in the NHSA 2017 Innovation Summit in Salt Lake City. Our goal is to have every family read up to 300 books a year to their child!

Easily Track In-Kind Reports

Tracking In-Kind Hours Used to be a pain. We make it easier.Automatically track the hours your families are spending working towards their individualized goals with ease and real time approval.

Managing your Family’s Privacy 

We help teachers by reminding them which children allow their photos to be shared according to their agency’s privacy policy. Administrators also have an approval queue to monitor the messages their teachers are sending to families.

Easily Get Families On-Boarded

Learning Genie provides a stress free on-boarding process that ensures your families are excited about using our product. We provide complimentary web training’s for all administrators and staff to ensure you are going to be successful with on-boarding your families right from the start. Take a minute to watch our video below to see how easy it is to get families started with Learning Genie.