The Learning Genie online DRDP portfolio, assessment, and family engagement system has been adopted by 200+ programs, in 40 California counties.  We have helped agencies such as Kidango, Fresno USD, Santa Clara COE achieve high scores when applying for CDE/CDSS funding (e.g. CCTR expansion funding from CDSS) and reach 5 stars in QRIS quality rating.

Complete DRDP package – All in one tool!


    Agency recommended DRDP Portfolio App designed to support teachers on easy documentation for all DRDP instruments focus on agency needs.

    State approved vendor for direct DRDP Online automatic uploading to ensure 5 star QRIS rating.

    DRDP Parent progress report for parent teacher conference with built in translation in multiple languages.

    Built-in rating period assistance, lesson plan and CA curriculum tools for easy admin management-collaboration.

DRDP Report

Data-Driven Family Engagement with DLL package


    Industry-leading tool by sending children books, two way communication,  tracking events and improving children’s school readiness by partnering with families.

    Built-in contact-less sign-in/out and Health Questionnaire aligned with county CDC recommendation.

    Multi-lingual DRDP Family Survey Tools to serve the needs for Family Engagement Requirements powered with strong built-in analysis for agencies reporting needs.

    Built-in Dual Language Modules to support mono-lingual teachers to provide high quality dual language immersion environment.

New Infant Sleep 15 min tracking

Teachers enter initials at 15 min break and support agency CDSS’s Safe Sleep regulations.  (Upcoming 2022 Spring)

*This offer expires   March 15th, 2022

To learn more how to take advantage of Learning Genie tools to enhance your scores through RFA, please schedule your consultation today.

Supporting All Instruments

  • Learning Genie supporting all instruments including DRDP-IT, DRDP-PS, and DRDP-K.
  • Agencies could choose a set from comprehensive view (56 measures), fundamental view (43 measures) to essential view (29 measuresto support their needs.
  • This year, California States also offers a specific “Essential Modified View” to further simplify the assessment through the pandemic, and Learning Genie provides seamless support.

Full Mobile Capabilities

  • All the posts from your agency can be auto- translated in 104 languages at parent’s choice.
  • Learning Genie app differentiates from other apps in its full mobile capabilities from both educators and parents.