Hi I’m Brenda Brown Executive Director of Concord Childcare Center located in San Francisco BayArea. I‘d like to tell you about Learning Genie and how much it means to our program.

We’ve been looking for someway to monitor our digital portfolios for the children. We use DRDP2015, DRDP tech. We’ve used excel files, we’ve used digital photography, all sorts of ways totry and make a digital portfolio and connect them to the children’s learning, connect them to the DRDP and streamline the tasks for teachers.

We found out that Learning Genie is the best option. All of our other methods were so
disconnected, we had something, here something there, something everywhere else, Learning Genieputs it all together. We can take photos, we can tag children, we can take videos and audio, wecan send the information to parents. We can rate them on the DRDP scale. It even tells us what wehave and have not looked at for each child. On top of that we can download this information andsave it in a PDF and an excel file to upload straight into DRDP-Tech saving a lot of time.

One of my supervisors had this great idea “Lets use cell phones” because Learning Genie has avariety of ways that we can use them. We can use them for online with the computer, on our cellphones and on our ipads. So we bought a bunch of cell phones, did not activate them, so they’reonly about $37 each. Using the android app the teachers can monitor the children and take theirvideos and their photographs for their documentation, without needing to have any kind of otherdevice with them. A cell phone in the pocket is a lot faster then a computer in the teachersroom.

So from Learning Genie and all their support they have given us to our program, from our programto theirs Thank You so much.

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