Angie Dillon Shore describes what first five means to her.

What does First 5 mean to you?

For me first five means having partnership and community. Our public agencies provide services as community-based programs. Parents are part of First 5 and they provide us with very meaningful and critical input around what our strategic directions should be. Our elected officials are also a key part of our business community.

What are some best practices that you have implemented in order to build partnerships in your community?

First 5 is about a community working together around a shared common agenda. This agenda is focused on making sure that children prenatal of 5 are healthy, ready for school, and have safe environments to play and learn. So we’re working on potentially building a large child care center adjacent to the properties that were impacted by fire. This would hopefully serve as a large business park. We’re working with individual employers to locate childcare on their work sites, which is ideal for many families especially if they have infants and toddlers. So, out of a dark time, great opportunity has risen in recognition of the not only the importance of of child care for workers, but also how these are all interrelated. We should all care about child outcomes because they support the rest of our functioning community.

First 5 Sonoma