Data-Driven Family Engagement Tools for Head Start and State Preschools

Learning Genie is an app for ECE educators and family service workers for Distant Learning and Family Engagement including tracking in-kind. During the COVID-19 crisis, Learning Genie offers free tools till the end of 2020 under a grant (or in-kind) to support all ECE agencies for Distance Learning and track school readiness outcomes.


Learning Genie also provides a useful application for portfolio-building. The portfolio tracking and tagging systems could be readily applied to DRDP 2015, Florida VPK, Head Start (HS), Early Head Start (EHS), Montessori, and other state or private-backed assessment tools.

Empower the 1 million Head Start/Early Head Start children and their families to

Read one book a day everyday

Teachers share any children’s book used in classrooms.
Parents and children watch the same video book on the same day and celebrate the reading achievement.

Annual Impact with in-kind reports auto-generated

Form a habit of reading, get children ready for school

One Family
Our Entire HS/EHS families(1M Children)

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